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European Patents with Unitary Effect
This section provides you information about the upcoming European Patent With Unitary Effect (UP).

WRST is providing information about the prosecution process and litigation related information before the new Unified Patent Court (UPC). You will also find a brief overview about all key aspects of the UP System being discussed in our FAQ section and you can download presentations about the new UP System as well as strategic and practical considerations in handling your patents within the new UP System. Finally, stay updated with our section about the legal framework of the UP System and the expected date of entry into force of the UP System.

In a referendum of 23 June 2016, the so-called "Brexit"-Referendum, the citizens of the United Kingdom have voted by majority to leave the European Union. The consequences of this result on the implementation of a unitary patent are yet uncertain; it may be assumed that it will be at least significantly delayed. We are monitoring this current topic and keep you updated on the further developments.