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Thomas Schachl as speaker at the upcoming LES conference in Zurich

Our partner Thomas Schachl is presenting as speaker at the upcoming 6th Pan European LES YMC Congress in Zurich, Switzerland on July 13, 2018. He will present on German IP litigation and mediation strategies in the context of "The Future of litigation and ADR in Medtech, Biotech and Pharma disputes".

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Dr. Henning Lülf new member of our chemistry practice group
We are happy to announce that this month Dr. Henning Lülf, another new patent attorney, has joined our team. Henning holds a diploma in chemistry. His PhD research focused on nanotechnology, in particular the synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles and their application in nanomedicine and electronics. Prior to joining WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN, Henning worked for other renowned patent law offices in Hamburg and Munich.
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Holger Tostmann as speaker at the IPO's annual meeting in San Francisco
Our partner Holger Tostmann is invited to present at the Intellectual Property Owners Association's (IPO) Annual
Meeting (to take place September 17 - 21, 2017) on the topic "Material Patentability Requirements Worldwide - A Comparison". This presentation is part of the broader series "International Filing Strategies&Cost Management". IPO established in 1972, is a trade association for owners of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. 
IPO serves all intellectual property owners in all industries and all fields of technology. For further information,
please see the following article.
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EPO's New Rules Regard The Patentability Of Plants And Animals - Article of Erich Fritsche in the Life Sciences Magazine |transkript
Our partner Dr. Erich Fritsche reports in the September issue of the Life Sciences Magazine |transkript on the amended Rules 27 and 28 EPC which exclude plants and animals from patentability.
The German text of this article is set out below:
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Holger Tostmann on the EPO's "Early Certainty"-initiative
The European Patent Office (EPO) has recently put strong emphasis on enhancing "efficiency". As part of this, the EPO has introduced a streamlined procedure for patent applications, the so-called "Early-Certainty from Examination"-initiative.

Our partner Holger Tostmann reports in the following article on the consequences of this development and indicates possible solutions which are especially relevant for patent applications in the field of life sciences. You may find the article though this link on the website of AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association), or directly here for download: 
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Michael Platzoeder and Mathias Ricker in "IAM Patent 1000 - The World's Leading Patent Professionals 2017"
Our firm has been placed for the first time in the "IAM Patent 1000 - The World's Leading Patent Professionals". In addition our partners Dr. Mathias Ricker  and Michael Platzoeder have been considered in the "individuals"-listing. This ranking "identifies the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe".

According to IAM the results are based on around 1,700 interviews with both private practice and in-house professionals, and were carried out by a dedicated research team over several months.

We are very happy about this new success as another award for the performance of our firm and the whole team.

Please find here the listings of WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN.
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UK Chartered Patent Attorney Martin Hagmann-Smith new team member
Since this month, Martin Hagmann-Smith is member of our firm. He holds a first degree (German "Diplom") in physics and a French degree as Ingénieur Diplômé. He has been working as a European and UK Chartered Patent Attorney since 1997 (respectively qualified in 2002 and 2005). 

Before joining WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN, Mr. Hagmann-Smith had been a partner of an internationally active IP law firm in UK.

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Thomas Schachl as speaker at the upcoming LESI conference in Los Angeles
Our partner Thomas Schachl is presenting as speaker at the upcoming 3rd Pan American LESI YMC Congress in Los Angeles on June 16, 2017 "Big Data to Smart Data: Use It or Lose It". He will present on European aspects of protection of data in the context of "Cyber Security: Intersection of issues around data security, trade secrets, regulatory frameworks, and consumer privacy.".
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WRST announces new member: Dr. Cornelia Oetke to strengthen our biotech and life sciences team
WRST is pleased to announce that Dr. Cornelia Oetke has been named a member of our firm on April 1, 2017. Cornelia's practice focuses on biotech and life sciences. She holds a PhD in biology. Cornelia is admitted as German and European Patent Attorney since 2011 and 2012, respectively. Before joining WRST, she had been working for years at another renowned, Munich based patent law firm, which also operates internationally.
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Winner of the 2017 Corporate INTL Magazine Global Award 'Mechanical Engineering IP Law Firm of the Year in Germany'
We pride ourselves to be able to announce that WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN has been winning the Boutique 2017 Corporate INTL Magazine Global Award as 'Mechanical Engineering IP Law Firm of the Year in Germany'.

Regarding the selection procedure, Corporate INTL informed us that their "research department has conducted extensive reviews, drawing insight from business leaders, advisers and investors throughout the world and taking in suggestions over the past 12 months to produce a shortlist of firms for your category." According to Corporate INTL, WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN has been chosen out of "tens of thousands" of nominations.

Corporate INTL Magazine is distributed to over 70,000 individuals, all of which are either investors in business, leaders of companies or advisers for those businesses on a global and domestic level, as Corporate INTL points out.


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WRST New Partner Announcement

Dr. Erich Fritsche has been appointed as partner at Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann (WRST) as of January 1, 2017. Dr. Fritsche is active in the field of Intellectual Property since 2002 and is admitted as German and European Patent Attorney since 2005 and 2006, respectively. He joined the firm in 2012 and advises national and international clients in all intellectual property rights issues.


Dr. Fritsche studied Biochemistry at the ETH Zurich and received his PhD from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry for a thesis in the field of X-ray protein crystallography. He has experience and expertise in particular in the areas of biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, chemistry and aesthetic medicine. With Dr. Fritsche entering into the firm’s partnership, WRST adds a partner of outstanding legal and technical skills with a strong focus on the continued development of the firm’s chemistry/biotechnology/pharma practice area.

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JUVE-Ranking 2016/17 - WRST again among the best IP firms
The new edition of the "JUVE German Commercial Law Firms" Handbook has been published.

We are happy, that once more our firm has been selected among the best firms of Germany both in the practice areas patent filing and litigation/attorneys.

The ranking's criteria are - according to JUVE - expert competencies, client work, management skills and strategy (JUVE handbook, German edition, pg. 26). More than 9,600 interviews with law firms were conducted and nearly 22,000 clients were asked within the research for this ranking.

For more information please see here (until now only available in German, the English version will soon be added by JUVE).
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Michael Platzoeder Chairman of the LES' Semiconductor Committee
Our partner Michael Platzoeder has been selected as Chairman of the Semiconductor Committee of the High Tech Sector of Licensing Executives Society (LES) USA&Canada.  This committee serves in particular as a forum concerning the technology transfer and licensing of semiconductor technology, patents, and products.

For further information regarding the Semiconductor Committee and the LES please see here:
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Thomas Schachl as speaker at the upcoming LESI conference in Ottawa
Our partner Thomas Schachl is presenting as speaker at the upcoming 2nd Pan American LESI YMC Congress in Ottawa, Canada on June 10, 2016 "Into the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Licensing Strategies across the Americas".

He will present on European IP litigation strategies in the context of "Best Practices: US/Canadian/Mexican/European IP litigation strategies (tips and pitfalls, ethical considerations)".
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Michael Platzoeder at the IAM conference "Inside Europe's New Patent Market" in San Francisco as presenter and panelist
Our partner Michael Platzoeder will join the upcoming IAM conference "Inside Europe's New Patent Market: Winning Strategies for the UPC Regime" in San Francisco as a presenter and panel member.

He will address the topic of "national routes versus the unitary patent system". In particular, he will speak about patent strategies and critical differences of the new European unitary patent system in comparison to national patent systems, which will continue to co-exist, both regarding the prosecution of patents and litigation proceedings at the respective courts.  

The presentation for download you find here, for further information on this event please follow this link.

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IPO committee "International Patent Law & Practice": WRST partner Holger Tostmann reappointed as Vice Chair
WRST partner Dr. Holger Tostmann was reappointed as Vice Chair for the "International Patent Law&Practice" committee of the  Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO). The committee represents the interests of IP stakeholders for all patent matters having an international/global angle. Topics are, among others: global patent law harmonization, best practice for international filings, global patent enforcement and all issues PCT/WIPO.  Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), established in 1972 and representing about 12,000 members, is a trade association for owners of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  IPO is the only association in the U.S. that serves all intellectual property owners in all industries and all fields of technology.

Holger's ongoing activities in the IPO committee International Patent Law&Practice reflect the expertise of our firm in international and cross-border patent matters. Specifically, it is our belief that the IP needs of globally active clients are only effectively served if relevant requirements specific to other jurisdictions, in particular US, China and Japan, are already taken into account when drafting a patent application and prosecuting the same in Europe.
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Overview about Germany's patent court system in "The Patent Lawyer" by our partners Mathias Ricker and Philipp Neels
In the current edition of "The Patent Lawyer", our partners Dr. Mathias Ricker und Philipp Neels give an overview about Germany’s patent court system. You may find the article by clicking on this link (on pages 41-45) or rather here for download:
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Protection of Chemistry Inventions - Dr. Holger Tostmann in "ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters"
In the April issue of the US-journal "ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters" you find an article of our partner Dr. Holger Tostmann on "Protecting Chemistry Inventions: The Double-Edged Sword of Being an Unpredictable Art". Please find here the text of the article:
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WRST selected in the ranking "TOP-Wirtschaftskanzlei 2014" by German magazine FOCUS
According to the current edition of FOCUS Spezial "Deutschlands Top-Anwälte", Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann ranks among the leading German law firms for patent law.

This ranking is based on referrals from more than 2.600 attorneys from law firms and legal departments in companies. We have been recommended extremely significantly by clients, according to FOCUS Spezial.
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WRST is sucessful with a challenge on the grounds of bias against the chairperson of the Enlarged Board of Appeal, Art. 112a EPC
In a review case the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) took the double function of the Vice-President of Directorate General 3 as Chairman of the Enlarged Board of Appeal as ground for an objection to suspicion of partiality. In a composition without the member objected to,  the EBA allowed the objection and replaced the Chairman. (EPO, Enlarged Board of Appeal, interlocutory decision of 25 April 2014 in case  R 19/12)

Links to the topic:

Here you find an English translation of interlocutory decision R 19/12. In our opinion, the language of the decision is of extraordinary quality and clarity (which might be the same). We tried to keep the English translation as close to the German original as possible. Nevertheless, any proposals for modifications and corrections are welcome, of course.   (In addition you find a translation of our petition, some additional remarks - and the translation of an article in the well-known German law magazine "JUVE Rechtsmarkt".):
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Dr. Michael Wallinger selected in the ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2013”
Dr. Michael Wallinger, German and European Patent Attorney, has been selected in the ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2013” by the German business newspaper „Handelsblatt“ and the renowned US publishing company „Best Lawyers”. For this ranking, which was published on June 1, 2013, a list of German lawyers in various fields of law was compiled. Requirement for inclusion in the “Best Lawyers” depends on a comprehensive evaluation, particularly by competitors in the same field of law. Those are asked which colleague they would recommend if they could not accept a mandate due to time constraints or a conflict of interests.

Dr. Wallinger has been recommended for the field of “Intellectual Property Law (Litigation, Patent)”. This award once more underlines the outstanding reputation of WRST, even among the colleagues from other law firms.
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