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WRST offers comprehensive services on trademark protection, management of a trademark portfolio and the enforcement of registered trademarks.
Trademarks are used to identify and protect valuable products and services. In addition to traditional word and figurative marks, three-dimensional shapes, colors and sounds can be protected in many jurisdictions.

Trademark protection starts with trademark registration. In addition to a national trademarks, a EU community trademark may also be registered, providing  cost-effective and unified protection throughout the European Union. As part of a worldwide strategy, we regularly file international trademarks for our clients.

In addition to registered trademarks in a narrow sense,  German trademark law also protects company names, work titles and geographical indications,among others, for which protection may already be obtained by proper use of these marks.

Prior to registering a trademark, our attorneys conduct conflict researches and advise on strategical aspects of building and maintaining a trademark portfolio. In addition, we represent our clients before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market and the World Intellectual Property Organization, including defending and enforcing trademark rights in opposition proceedings. Our attorneys also have a proven track record of conducting trademark litigations before the competent courts, routinely including  anti-counterfeiting action and the prevention of inadmissible parallel imports of protected products.