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Patent Litigation
WRST is a leading law firm for all matters patent infringement and patent enforcement. Our attorneys have worked on numerous landmark cases before the German Federal Supreme Court, setting patent law precedent.
Patents and  utility models entitle the proprietor to prohibit the unauthorized use of the protected invention. However, it is the proprietor's responsibility to enforce this right and to choose the appropriate measures to effectively stop unauthorized use.   

Our attorneys have a proven track record of enforcing intellectual property rights as well as defending our clients against infringement claims. Our attorneys have participated in numerous land mark patent cases before the German Federal Supreme Court, including, inter alia, the decision "Tauchcomputer" relating to software patents, "Funkuhr I, II" addressing the international competence of German courts in cross-border patent infringement. "Drehmomentübertragungseinrichtung" and "Zeittelegramm" are Federal Supreme Court landmark decisions on claim amendments during patent prosecution. "Kettenradanordnung" and "Mehrgangnabe" are precedent setting decisions on claim construction. The most recent decision, "Orange Book Standard" addresses anti-trust implications on patent protection and industrial standards.

Our strategic patent litigation advice includes preparatory steps such as inspection proceedings in Germany and other jurisdictions and the enforcement of rights in preliminary injunction proceedings or border seizures.  

The close internal cooperation of patent attorneys and attorneys-at law ensures an effective and comprehensive coordination of all actions in infringement and parallel nullity actions, and, in cooperation with international colleagues, in multi-jurisdictional cross-border proceedings.