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Dr. Christian Klix
Christian Klix holds a doctorate’s degree in physics. He joined WRST in 2015 as a patent engineer.

Technical Expertise
Dr. Klix studied Physics at the University of Constance. During a research semester at the University of Tokyo in 2007, he focused in the field of state transitions in systems of soft condensed matter caused by complementary interactions. With his diploma thesis on “Application of video-based TIRM (total internal reflection microscopy) on colloidal ensembles), he acquired the academic title “Dipl.-Phys.” in 2009. Subsequently, with his doctoral thesis on “Spectroscopy of displacement fields in two-dimensional colloidal glass formers”, in the course of which the transition of liquids to amorphous solids was determined experimentally based on phonon-like thermal excitations, he acquired the academic title “Dr. rer. nat.”. Due to his scientific work, Christian Klix gained substantial expertise in the fields of physical chemistry, soft matter, phase transformation, statistical physics, solid state physics, computer-based (statistical) data processing and optics/digital image acquisition.

IP Expertise
Dr. Klix is part of the team of WRST since 2015, working as a patent engineer. Due to his experience gained in his research, he focuses mainly on IP-related tasks in the fields of electrical engineering, medical engineering and information technology.

German, English

C. L. Klix, C. P. Royall, H. Tanaka, Structural and dynamical features of multiple metastable glassy states in a colloidal system with competing interactions, PRL 104 (2010)
C. L. Klix, F. Ebert, F. Weysser, M. Fuchs, G. Maret, P. Keim, Glass elasticity from particle trajectories, PRL 109 (2012)
C. L. Klix, K. Murata, H. Tanaka, S. R. Williams, A. Malins, C. P. Royall, Novel kinetic trapping in charged colloidal clusters due to self-induced surface charge organization, Scientific Reports 3 (2013)
C. L. Klix, G. Maret, P. Keim, Discontinuous shear modulus determines the glass transition temperature, PRX 5 (2015)

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Dr. Christian Klix

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