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Medical Engineering
IP is the engine running medical engineering: Our approach is to build the best team of highly experienced attorneys for each case at the crossroads of medicine and engineering

The field of medical engineering, including medical devices, diagnostic imaging, medical IT and clinical engineering, is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional technology. Inventions in this area typically require above-average efforts in research and development and - in view of a growing and increasingly global market - can only thrive economically if they are comprehensively protected by patents at an early stage.

Our expertise includes IP counseling at all stages of product development, including the early identification of potential inventions ("patent scouting"). We also support these developments by providing our clients with strong IP-related contracts. In parallel, we identify and assess protective rights of competitors and attack the same, if necessary. Apart from working on a "case-by-case"-basis, our attorneys are experienced in developing patent portfolios for Germany, Europe or worldwide, depending on our clients' needs and taking into account legal, technical and business aspects.

Modern medical devices and processes usually comprise a significant software component that requires specific protection. Our attorneys are highly experienced in protecting computer-implemented inventions, also based on expertise gained in the practice group "Information and Communications Technology". Last but not least, our attorneys are on top of the evolving German and European case law regarding the patentability of surgery, therapy and diagnostic methods.