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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is the engine behind industrial production – and WRST is an IP power in Mechanical Engineering
Inventing and building better machines and means of transportation has always driven progress and is an important foundation of world trade. Based on their wide-ranging importance, mechanical or mechatronic products are often copied. Therefore, effectively protecting technical developments and inventions in mechanical engineering is of fundamental importance to safeguard a company’s technological cutting-edge and to secure market share and return on investment.

The engineers and attorneys of WRST, in the strong tradition of mechanical engineering in  Germany, provide a wide range of technical expertise gained in academia as well as in industry. Our technical expertise encompasses all – and we mean “all” – facets of automotive and powertrain engineering, industrial automation, materials handling, measurement and control technology as well as process technology and manufacturing engineering. For all cases interfacing neighboring technologies, our attorneys work across practice groups, in particular with attorneys of the practice groups Physics/New Materials and Medical Engineering.

Based on extensive experience gained in numerous patent litigation cases and opposition/nullity proceedings, our patent attorneys put this unique experience to work not only in their freedom-to-operate and due diligence analyses, but also already during working on the most fundamental unit of our patent work – the drafting of a patent application.