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Life Sciences
IP is the life blood of the Life Sciences: “Life Sciences” drive some of the fastest growing markets worldwide. Developments in this field usually require significant research investment, the results of which can be easily copied once they are public and must be comprehensively protected
Biology, biochemistry and biotechnology – commonly known as Life Sciences – drive some of the fastest growing markets today. Life Sciences technologies make use of biological processes to smartly and efficiently provide products not accessible by “traditional” routes. For example, life sciences enables the manufacture of targeted chemical compounds, in particular active pharmaceutical ingredients, the development of new medical diagnosis methods, genetically modified plants and seeds, as well as recombinant pharmaceuticals.

In the area of life sciences, in which new developments are typically only achieved, by means of extensive research, while these results, however, once public domain, are usually reproduced rather easily by third parties. Therefore, Life Sciences developments must be protected comprehensively, in particular by means of patent (portfolio) protection.

An interdisciplinary team of PhD biologists, biochemists, biophysicists and chemists is ready to build up and fortify effective protection for your Life Sciences technology. Our Life Sciences attorneys are highly experienced, not the least based on successful and distinguished careers in industry or academia.

The technical expertise of the Life Sciences attorneys of WRST,
inter alia,  includes the following aspects:

  • design and use of recombinant protein libraries
  • antibody technologies
  • screening, in particular phage display
  • RNA-based technologies
  • biotechnology processes for manufacture and production of comounds
  • molecular biology detection methods
  • vaccines
  • pharmacological and cosmetic application of pharmaceutically active proteins, peptides and other active ingredients
  • complex pharmaceutical compositions
  • clinical studies
  • plant and seed modification
  • plant and animal breeding
  • immunology
  • cell and tissue cultures
  • molecular biology and genetics

WRST’s clients in the area of Life Sciences are large internationally active companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises, including research centers, universities and spin-offs. One focus of our counsel is specifically geared towards spin-offs and start-up enterprises, i.e. strategy counseling which supplements our "classical" IP counseling.