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WRST was founded in 2007, building on a history, starting in 1990, of litigating many landmark cases at the highest levels of German and European courts.

In 2007, several well-established law firms and practice groups joined forces: the leading automotive and mechanical engineering IP firm Wallinger and Partners, led by Dr. Michael Wallinger, merged with the chemistry/ pharmaceutical IP practice group, under the leadership of Dr. Mathias Ricker, then European IP coordinator for an international US-based law firm.

Since 2007, the firm has expanded every year, and now includes more than 20 lawyers and technical experts. Most recently, experienced attorneys from the biotechnology, medical device and electrical engineering industries have joined WRST. The firm also has a successful patent attorney trainee program that consistently adds "home grown" talent to the team.

For the last three years, WRST has been ranked among the top IP law firms in Germany (see the "JUVE" law firm ranking, each year placing WRST among the top of all IP firms (over 400) in Germany, particularly in regard to contentious matters).