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The chemistry is right - WRST counsels on all cases involving molecules: small molecules, complex natural molecules or polymers, as well as on structure and reactivity of matter.
The attorneys of the practice group Chemistry/Pharmaceuticals primarily counsel on intellectual property (IP) topics in the context of chemical reactions and the structure and reactivity of molecules and polymers. In this practice group, the attorneys of WRST also address "small molecules" and their medical indications, i.e. projects for pharmaceutical  companies. For pharmaceutical projects interfacing with biotechnology/genetics, these are closely coordinated with attorneys from the practice group Life Sciences.

Our attorneys have successfully worked in the following areas of chemistry: classical organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, nutraceuticals, technical chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technology, catalysis, polymer chemistry, petrochemistry, agrochemistry, complex natural products, household products and food/feed products.

In this practice group, WRST represents clients in all stages of company development, i.e. reaching from universities and start-ups to internationally active companies of the chemistry industry. In addition to IP counseling, attorneys of WRST have contributed to developing business plans and strategies for "innovation scouting" and "innovation management" for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, i.e. our attorneys routinely work at the interface between law, technology and business.

In addition to basic IP services, such as filing and prosecuting protective rights, our attorneys also routinely counsel on portfolio management and are active and particularly experienced in technical and/or legal opinion work (due diligence, freedom-to-operate, validity analysis, assessment of scope of protection etc.). Our opinion work is regularly the basis for important business decisions for our clients.

Furthermore, our attorneys have a successful track record of asserting and defending protective rights of our clients, or in attacking competitor's protective rights, in particular in opposition proceedings before the EPO. For all questions relating to a potential use of our client's protective rights, in particular litigation, WRST provides in-house attorneys with particular experience in "chemistry" matters and  in-depth knowledge of the rather specific German and European case law relevant for chemistry and pharmaceuticals.