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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Consensus instead of confrontation - court proceedings are not always the most appropriate means for dispute resolution.
WRST attorneys routinely advise their clients on all options available for dispute resolution that are alternative to court proceedings. Alternative dispute resolution offers the advantage that the parties to the dispute determine the course of the proceedings in a largely autonomous manner, so that the specific needs of the parties and of the dispute can be taken into account.

Private arbitration boards, as one example, have the advantage of neutrality, confidentiality and the possibility to designate the arbitrator. In particular in matters relating to international licensing, distribution and research and development contracts, this form of dispute resolution is chosen regularly.

Mediation is a process intended to help parties to the dispute to arrive at a solution, which they were not able to achieve in bilateral negotiations. The particular advantage of mediation is that this process is much less contentious than court proceedings, which enables the parties to keep their business relations. In addition, mediation is faster and thereby more cost-efficient than other methods of dispute resolution.

Our attorneys represent clients in all forms of dispute resolution regarding intellectual property, copyright and unfair competition matters and have a proven track record in this field. Our attorneys also routinely act as arbitrators, experts and mediators.